About Us

At Judge Customs, we take our tables to a whole new level by creating artistic and truly unique masterpieces. Our goal is to help you make a statement. We do this by treating all of our racetracks with resin epoxy.  While we can always copy the same technique and colors from table to table, none of our epoxy racetrack tables are ever the same, so we guarantee your table will be one of a kind no matter what design you choose.  We build our tables using the best materials including lightweight 3/4" hardwood plywood, and we never use particle board, MDF, etc.  The foam we use for the railing and the playing surface has been carefully selected to provide great comfort and excellent durability.  All of our resin is done using Incredible Solutions Table Top Epoxy to ensure a long-lasting table which will provide years and years of enjoyment.   

We offer many elegant choices of rail materials, play surface cloth, cup holders, LED lighting including LED neon options, and of course completely customized racetracks. Other options include upgraded legs, folding table design and even hand built dining top table conversions. The possibilities are endless! We will walk you through every step of the process and send you frequent updates so you can watch your creation come to life in the shop. We're just as excited as you! So, what are you waiting for??

Elevate your gaming with Judge Customs.