Summer Sale!!! Wide River series poker table (Blemished)

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Every once in a while mistakes happen. Well this table is one of those where those mistakes saves you money. I forgot to pre drill the base and resin prior to screwing the rail in place. This cause the resin to lift and slightly crack in a couple of places. The blemishes are still under the rail but if your seated and looking for them you can see them. But my mistake is your gain. My mistake saves you a chunk of change on this beautiful custom table.

The Wide River series custom resin inlay poker table with LED lights.

Table specs: * 10 player positions with jumbo silver cup holders * Wide River channel resin inlay (blue and green metallic) on hammered copper paint racetrack * Clear 1/8” epoxy resin flood coat on racetrack * Classic green suited speed cloth with padding under the playing surface * Raised and padded Caprice Brown vinyl arm rail * Rose Gold upholstery tacks around entire rail * LED lighting around entire racetrack (control with your phone!) * 29” foldable metal legs * Table measures 43”x93” to the outside of the rail


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review